leaf Compassionate Needs Plan

For privacy and HIPAA reasons, we do not accept printed applications, information, or documentation in person at the facility.

All applications must be either submitted ONLINE using this web site, or at the facility via our secure tablets/kiosks, and take 7-10 days to process.  PAPER FORMS ARE NOT ACCEPTED.

We recommend you maximize your browser window, then select the pages using the navigation bar on the left side.

Users with smaller browser windows can use the   pages button (near the Submit button) below the form to switch pages.  You must fill out all pages.

Fill and sign the application, and use page 4 to upload your supporting documentation.

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    • DO NOT print this form and bring it to the facility!  For HIPAA and privacy reasons, you must fill out the form online and upload your documentation! 

    • Applications or documentation delivered in person or by fax/email will not be accepted, however you may complete your form in our facility using one of our secure tablets/kiosks.

      Allow 7-10 days for processing.

    • Make sure you have completed the form entirely and signed it using the tools in the form.  Remember to check the three checkboxes on page 2 of the form.